Problem Solving in a 

This course covers a range of problems that occur in the workplace - and how they can be recognised, controlled and solved.
You'll learn about the three main areas in which problems can occur - people tasks and resources.
Problems with people can include personality clashes, dangerous, offensive or illegal behaviour, poor communication and differences of opinion.
You'll learn about the Equality Act 2010 and how it applies to discrimination.
There'll be coverage of time-wasting - due to individual actions and poorly organised work systems - and how to ensure time at work is spent productively.
It'll also cover problems with resources, such as a lack of raw materials or equipment.
You'll discover the ways problems can be solved by the actions of managers, employees and outside organisations.
Finally, we'll investigate the use of arbitration, negotiation, compromise, conciliation and mediation to resolve conflicts - and the many benefits these resolutions can bring to the workplace.
Duration: 30 minutes
Pass mark: 70%
CPD Approved
RRP: £35 + VAT
Price: £25 + VAT
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